Mrs. Zimmer

Forest Lake Principal

Dear Families,

I am privileged and delighted to join the Forest Lake school community. I am looking forward to collaborating with you and our dedicated, talented staff. Working together, we can help our children build the solid educational foundations they will need to find success in the 21st century. My role is to ensure that students are safe, happy, and learning at school. I believe that our child-centered approach will help me to achieve this very important goal.

At Forest Lake we take the health and safety of our students, staff, and visitors very seriously. In order to create a safe environment, we need the cooperation of our families and visitors. Our doors are locked after morning arrival and all visitors must sign in and present identification in order to enter the building. While you are on our school grounds, we ask that you make safe decisions, even when it seems inconvenient to do so. It is also very important that you update all emergency contacts and alert the school in writing if there will be a change to your child's dismissal plan. We will not release a student to any person who is not listed on the emergency contact list or change a dismissal plan without your authorization. Finally, please follow all health related procedures and guidelines shared by me and the nurse.

Our students should have the opportunity to feel good about themselves and to be in a positive atmosphere at school. There are several ways that we plan to do this. First, we will continue our Book of the Month initiative with a new spin. Each month's book will be based on a character trait that we will learn about as a school community. We will celebrate students who demonstrate these traits at our Morning Programs. Our guidance counselor will be pushing in to classrooms to provide students with the skills and strategies they will need to be successful both inside and outside of the classrooms. Most importantly, I am here to help if there is anything happening in school that is preventing a student from feeling his or her best. If there is ever a problem, students will be given the opportunity to meet with me personally or to drop a note in the new I Wish My Principal Knew' mailbox located in the lobby. Please know that families are always encouraged to communicate with me as well. Email is the best option and allows me to address concerns from anywhere at any time. Of course, families are also welcome to call or meet with me. My philosophy is that you should never put your head on your pillow at night without contacting me if you are concerned about your child. I will do my best to get in touch with you as quickly as possible to work together on a solution.

We are excited to be growing our elementary instructional program in Wantagh. Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students will be receiving daily instruction using the Fundations program to strengthen their decoding and spelling skills. All students will be engaged in Writers' Workshop to learn how to write different types of texts. We will continue to grow our math program using GoMath as a resource to support students' understanding of concepts. Our STEAM program continues to grow and will be strengthened through classroom instruction using the new Science standards which encourage students to think critically and solve problems.

I hope that you and your children have a wonderful start to the school year. I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you!


Mrs. Zimmer