Band Supplies

  • Ed Sueta's Band Method Book 1 for your respected instrument
  • Percussionists 2 books- Ed Sueta's Band Method Book 1 for Mallets and Drum Class Method volume 1 by Alyn J. Heim
  • Music stand for home practicing
  • Metronome (google provides one online or you could download an app for smart devices such as Cleartune)
  • Folder with pockets

In addition, Clarinet & Sax students need a box of reeds #1.5 or #2, cork grease, and a mouth piece
Sax students will need a neck strap
Brass students will need valve oil (Trombones will need slide oil)
Drum Students need 1 set of sticks size 5A and a quality practice pad with stand (bell kit highly recommended)