Kindergarten Orientation Program


KINDERGARTEN ORIENTATION PROGRAM has been canceled for 2020-2021

Incoming Kindergarten September 2021

Forest Lake Elementary


We are looking to identify children who will be entering Kindergarten in September 2021.


If you have an incoming Kindergartner, please complete the form below and return it to the main office at Forest Lake.

If you have a friend, relative, neighbor or classmate in Pre-K who will enter Forest Lake, please ask them to contact the Main Office at 679-6470


Thank you!


Jaime Becker 

Jessica Recher

PTA Presidents


Child’s Name: ___________________________________________


Circle One: Male Female


Address: ___________________________________________


Telephone#: ___________________________________________


Date of Birth: ___________________________________________


Parents’ Names: ___________________________________________


Email Address: ____________________________

For more information and/or to enroll in the program please call the Forest Lake office at 679-6470.