En Garde!

En Garde!
Posted on 10/17/2020
FL Fencing

The COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged district teachers to become more creative in their delivery of instruction due to social-distancing regulations, as seen in Forest Lake Elementary School physical education teacher Christine Moran’s fencing unit. The students may not wear armory during this ancient exercise, but they don their masks and swords/sabres, made out of Styrofoam noodles and paper food carry out containers. 


“Not only have the students honed fine motor skills through the true formation of the wrist, they learned offensive and defensive moves and footwork to assist them in advancing and retreat,” Ms. Moran explained. “The sport is very physical and required the students’ concentration.”   


In addition to learning about the history of the combat sport, the students learned how to apply the rules to movement and sparing within a court. A number of the students even expressed interest in pursuing the sport outside of the classroom.