A Special Day for Students and Guests

A Special Day for Students and Guests at Forest Lake

Some very important people made their way to Forest Lake Elementary School on May 20, and it brought a smile to face of every student. VIP Day returned as an in-person event for the first time since 2019, with parents, grandparents and other special guests invited to get a taste of life at the school.

Each grade had a half-hour block in the gymnasium. First graders have been learning about three-dimensional shapes, so they created a 3D monster with their guests, along with playing a dice game and doing a word search. Third graders took on the role of reporters and interviewed the visitors.

Fourth grade students were excited to present their guests with appreciation letters they wrote. They also played a guessing game and earned points for knowing facts about the other person, such as their favorite book, food or sport. In fifth grade, students recently completed their biography reports, so they dressed up as the subjects they researched and did a short presentation. 

“We are all working together for our children,” Principal Jessica Zimmer said about the family-school connection. “It’s important for them to see grownups that they love and respect in school. It’s nice to have all together again.”