Just One Word

Just One Word
Posted on 04/29/2020

It would be difficult for most people practicing social distancing at home to choose just one word to describe how they are feeling. However, Forest Lake students and faculty were able and willing to select a meaningful word to convey messages of hope and relay what is important to them during One Word Day. 

Principal Jessica Zimmer explained, “Each week we are trying to do things to lift the students’ spirits and stay connected with them beyond the classrooms and academics.”

To kick off One Word Day, teachers were assigned a word to write on paper and decorate, which together, formed a photo collage message of Forest Lake connection and family love. Students were also encouraged to write, decorate and photograph themselves holding their own meaningful word. After all of the photos were submitted, the district put together a video of the participants.

Elementary school counselor Donna Schulman said the objective to keep students and their families connected to the school community was fulfilled and “successful in lifting spirits during what has been a challenging time.”