Mrs. Holle

Welcome to Mrs. Holle's Reading Pages

"So many books, so little time."

Have you ever seen this quotation?

It comes to my mind everytime I enter a library or a bookstore. I have a passion for reading--fiction, nonfiction, biographies, travel books--name it, I love it!

I want your child to say the same thing when he/she goes to the library. I want him/her to be as passionate about reading as I am. To do this, we must work as partners.

Reading is not an activity that happens 3X a cycle. Reading is a part of our lives. We need to read recipes, textbooks for school, signs on a highway, and even to pass a permit test in order to get a license to drive. There's no avoiding it.

Parents, let's make a pact that together. We can make a difference in your child's school work. We're going to make reading a No. 1 priority; and, you and I will form a partnership to achieve this end.

The following pages will suggest ways we can achieve this goal. Let's make reading FUNdamental together.

M. A. Holle