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A Fiction Celebration at Forest Lake

Posted Date: 01/14/2024

A Fiction Celebration at Forest Lake

For four months, second graders have been immersed in fiction books at Forest Lake Elementary School in the Wantagh School District. They celebrated the conclusion of the reading unit with a grade-level gathering in the cafeteria.


More than 50 students from Lori Gottlieb’s, Barbara Moeller’s and Tara Sottnik’s classes came together to read to each other and discuss their books. Each child selected one book and was paired up with a friend from a different class. 


Once each student took a turn reading from his or her book, the buddies then enjoyed snack and discussed the different elements of their stories, such as characters, plot, setting and theme.  


The teachers explained that the literacy celebration was the culmination of a monthslong fiction unit, in which students strongly improved their reading comprehension skills and fluency. Reading to a partner allowed them to practice different strategies, such as reading with feeling and expression. Teachers said they hoped it would also introduce students to different books they might want to read in the future. After the new year, second grade will begin a nonfiction unit, but there will still be plenty of time for fiction books during independent reading time and at home. 

FL Reading Celebration